Parenting Made Easy Telecall - June 2020

What is your job as a parent?
Who gave you that job?
What do you wish for your children?
How’s it working?
Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S is a psychotherapist who has worked for over 25 years with children, parents and families of all ages and kinds.
Join her for a completely different take on parenting. She has many practical tools you can use, starting immediately, that will allow you to parent in ways that are easier on you and on your children and families.



  • 4 x mp3 audio call recordings
  • 4 x PDFs of written processes from the series
  • 4 x mp3 audio clearing loops

$300 USD *country pricing applies
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Translation is available in German and Turkish. Do you require a different language? Email: [email protected].

In gratitude for Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and the tools of Access Consciousness - Get more information HERE


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