Oracle Training with Anne Maxwell and John Wheeler July 2022

What is an oracle?  In the older dictionaries, one definition is “the place where answers are given.”  In another definition, the Delphic Oracle is described as the deity who gave answers to inquiries. 

In 2013, Anne, always a prolific notetaker, started texting the clearings that Gary Douglas said on telecalls, to him, right after he said them, which made it easier for him to repeat them and/or change them.  Several years later she was nicknamed “the Oracle” by Gary and Dr. Dain Heer. 

Today in Access, an oracle is someone who assists facilitators, as well as translators if there are any, by sending clearings, memes, quotes, and any information that might be useful to them as they are facilitating a class. 

Anne has trained several oracles, including John, to assist Dr. Dain and Simone Milasas, as they facilitate classes for Access Consciousness.   Currently, there are more than enough oracles to cover current class demands of those four.

Are you a prolific notetaker?  Are you quick?  Accurate?  Enthusiastic?  Do you have a sense of humor?  How present are you?  Do you love being in classes and contributing to the change and the different futures that those classes can create?  Do you love to learn?

Are you bilingual?  Mulitlingual?  Would you like to learn to oracle in a language other than English, to assist CF’s who facilitate classes to non-English speaking participants? 

This Oracle Training will cover both the energetics as well as the practicalities of oracling.  There will be homework, assignments and exercises for you to do, to learn new skills and sharpen others.  You will be given tools to use and questions to ask.  It will be an interactive class where you will be able learn and grow to the extent you would like.

NB:  The companies of Access Consciousness are NOT looking for additional oracles for Gary, Dain or Simone at this time.  This training is for people who are interested in oracling for other CF’s, or for simply learning the skills and applying them to their own businesses and/or lives. 



  • 4 x mp3 audio call recordings
  • 4 x video recordings (English only)

$500 USD *country pricing applies
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Translation is available in Spanish. Do you require a different language? Email: [email protected].


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