Fracking ... the proper use of, A One-Off Telecall with Anne Maxwell, LCSW

What is fracking? 

What do you frack?

What is the proper use of fracking?

Anne Maxwell is a CF who oracles for Gary and Dain, works with translators and facilitates her own classes. She has found that, sometimes, when a new topic or idea comes up, it can seem more complicated than it actually is. And sometimes, it gets misused 

Fracking is a relatively new concept in Access. When used correctly, huge changes on the planet are possible, as well as changes with bodies.

Join Anne for a one-off telecall on what fracking is and how to use it correctly. You will be given questions to ask and tools you can use right away.

This product includes:

  • An mp3 audio recording of the call
  • A PDF with clearings from the call
  • An mp3 audio recording of the clearings

$150 USD 

Hrvatski, Deutsch, Português, RomânăEspañol, and Türk


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