Does Competition Have a Grip on You?

Does Competition Have a Grip on You? 1 part telecall with Anne Maxwell

“To see yourself in competition, you have to create yourself as less than and no contribution.”  - Gary Douglas

Do people schedule classes on the same days you do?  Do you find others taking credit for your ideas and writings and not acknowledging you?  Do people try to steal your clients? Do people compete for your attention?   Do you go to “I’m not doing competition.”?

As a psychotherapist who has had a clinical practice for over 20 years, and, as an Access Consciousness® facilitator, I have seen and experienced first hand a variety of forms of competition … both doing and receiving.

I’ve had it done to me … and I’ve done it too.

This telecall is about loosening the grip of competition … on you, on your business, in your relationships, in your families.  It’s about shifting from despair and hopelessness to being empowered and successful.

“When you do competition, you are killing your future.”  Gary Douglas

What if competition is not what you think it is?  

Presented with practical tools you can use to change all of that.

This product includes:

  • An mp3 audio recording of the call
  • A PDF with clearings from the call
  • An mp3 audio recording of the clearings

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