The Rightness Clearing Loops

If you gave up being right in favor of being totally aware then you could have an amazing life! ~ Gary Douglas ~ W...


The Bodies Clearing Loop

What is your body telling you? These clearings have been pulled from some recent telecalls & classes from Gary Dougl...


The Money Clearing Loops

Money is the result of the energy you create to interact with people. ~ Gary Douglas What have you defined money as?...


Speaking Reality, Not Speaking Access-Speak | 3-Part Teleseries | October, 2019

Do you wonder how to use the tools of Access Consciousness® without sounding like an Access-robot? Do you stumble wh...


Stratification Simplified Telecall

What is stratification? What does stratification have to do with you? What does stratification have to do with your...


Kids on Your Caseload with ADD, ADHD, Autism – A Different Perspective

This class is for therapists who have children on their caseloads who have been labeled with ADD, ADHD and/or autism,...


Comfortable Distance

 “It’s a whole lot easier to have happiness when you have no distance.”  ~ Gary Douglas How often do you hit a ceili...


Does Competition Have a Grip on You?

Does Competition Have a Grip on You? 1 part telecall with Anne Maxwell “To see yourself in competition, you have to ...


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