Emotional POVADs Telecall with Anne Maxwell

  One - off telecall with Anne Maxwell Remember that defending and avoiding thing from just a little while ago? Ho...


Transactional Realities Telecall with Anne Maxwell

“'If I do this, then I will get this,’ is the basic point of view.” - Gary Douglas “Anytime you enter into a transac...


Defending & Avoiding Telecall with Anne Maxwell

What points of view are you defending and avoiding that are keeping you stuck? This product includes: An mp3 audio ...


3 One-off Telecalls: Coping Mechanisms, Fraudulent Being, Reflex Realities with Anne Maxwell LCSW

What are Coping Mechanisms?What is a Fraudulent Being?What are Reflex Realities? Three One-off Telecalls! PREREQU...


The Rightness Clearing Loops

If you gave up being right in favor of being totally aware then you could have an amazing life! ~ Gary Douglas ~ W...


The Art of Always Being Right - 3 Part Telecall

It’s always an art to make yourself right, especially if you’re wrong. You paint little strokes of possibility that ...


Narcissism... what is it? 3 Part Telecall with Anne Maxwell, LCSW

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his beauty. As the story goes, he rejected all romantic ...


Coping Mechanisms with Anne Maxwell LCSW

Coping mechanisms are things that we create as kids.  What coping mechanisms did you create as a child? Are they st...


The Bodies Clearing Loop

What is your body telling you? These clearings have been pulled from some recent telecalls & classes from Gary Dougl...


The Money Clearing Loops

Money is the result of the energy you create to interact with people. ~ Gary Douglas What have you defined money as?...



What is it? What isn’t it? Anne Maxwell, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitat...


Fracking ... the proper use of, A One-Off Telecall with Anne Maxwell, LCSW

What is fracking?  What do you frack? What is the proper use of fracking? Anne Maxwell is a CF who oracles for Gar...

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