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Would You Teach A Fish to Climb A Tree? ... The Bookclub!

 A different take on kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism. Join Anne for 4 weeks of discovering more about kids ...


Emotional POVADs Telecall with Anne Maxwell

  One - off telecall with Anne Maxwell Remember that defending and avoiding thing from just a little while ago...


Transactional Realities Telecall with Anne Maxwell

“'If I do this, then I will get this,’ is the basic point of view.” - Gary Douglas “Any...


Defending & Avoiding Telecall with Anne Maxwell

What points of view are you defending and avoiding that are keeping you stuck? This product includes: An mp3 audio ...


3 One-off Telecalls: Coping Mechanisms, Fraudulent Being, Reflex Realities with Anne Maxwell LCSW

What are Coping Mechanisms?What is a Fraudulent Being?What are Reflex Realities? Three One-off Telecalls! PREREQU...


Narcissism... what is it? 3 Part Telecall with Anne Maxwell, LCSW

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his beauty. As the story goes, he rejected all romantic ...


The Art of Always Being Right - 3 Part Telecall

It’s always an art to make yourself right, especially if you’re wrong. You paint little strokes of possi...


Oracle Training with Anne Maxwell and John Wheeler - April 2021

What is an oracle?  In the older dictionaries, one definition is “the place where answers are given.&rdquo...


Relevance with Anne Maxwell, LCSW

Are you relevant? To whom? Who is relevant to you? This product includes: An mp3 audio recording of the call ...


The Bodies Clearing Loop

What is your body telling you? These clearings have been pulled from some recent telecalls & classes from G...


The Rightness Clearing Loops

If you gave up being right in favor of being totally aware then you could have an amazing life! ~ Gary Douglas ~ W...


The Money Clearing Loops

Money is the result of the energy you create to interact with people. ~ Gary Douglas What have you defined mone...

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