Back to the Basics … the Access Consciousness™ Foundation Class

Twelve years ago, when I took my first Foundation class, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  Traditionally trained as a child and family and play therapist, and at that point, with a relatively successful and fulfilling clinical practice of almost 20 years, I was always on the lookout for tools and tips I could pass along to my clients, to assist them in whatever path of change or healing they were choosing.

I had taken my first Bars class the day before, and, was resonating in the energy of how far outside the box of my traditional trainings that class was … and in the incredible changes my body experienced that day, (and was continuing to experience.) 

I showed up for that first Foundation class with some trepidation, a lot of curiosity, and, a willingness to take the next step.  After all, how could it get any weirder?

It shook my world.  Layers and layers of beliefs I had held dear for so long began to peel off.  We were presented with questions we could ask and tools we could use right then … in the moment … and got to see shifts and changes not only in our worlds but in the worlds of so many of the class participants.  I left with a new sense that I could be happy, that life could be a lot easier, that I wasn’t as wrong as I had secretly believed myself to be and had tried so hard to hide from everyone.  I had more space in my world, more bounce in my step. 

After the class, I read the manual we had been given from cover to cover, multiple times.  And I invariably found that what I was reading in the moment was actually perfect … what I needed to hear…  in order to for me to have a sense of something different that was possible with whatever happened to be going on in my world at the time. 

Since that first class, I can’t count how many Foundation classes I have taken and have facilitated.  I have taken many other classes offered by a variety of Access Consciousness facilitators, from specialty classes to the most advanced core classes.  And, Foundation is still one of my very favorites. 

What I love the most is that, in picking up where the Bars class leaves off, it offers the very basic tools and questions of Access Consciousness. They impact me on so many levels, and, when I find myself stuck, are still the tools I still use to unstick myself.  

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