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愤怒! 义愤填膺! 特别强调的单音节词“床”的第二个音节...使如此地步,这不仅是不正确的,这是可怕的错误。


三年级时,我因不尊重老师格里芬夫人而被命令放学回家。她犯了一个错误,有一天,她宣布由于参议员萨尔顿斯托尔住在同一个城镇,在即将举行的选举中,我们所有的父母都会投票支持他。当我告诉妈妈时,她说:“胡说八道。” (参议员Saltonstall是共和党人,而且,我的父母是住在镇上的五个注册民主党人中的两个。所以,第二天,我通知全班同学格里芬夫人,她弄错了,而且我的父母不会投票给参议员。






多年来,我一直在磨练这些技能……如何在蛋壳上行走,不让任何人感到不高兴,预测可能发生的事情(并阻止潜在的灾难),纠正所有人和所有事,消失,假装……清单不胜枚举 …

它行得通吗? 不!

累死了吗? 是的!



  • 正确意吁什么?
  • 错误意味什么?
  • 永远正确有什么价值?
  • 永远错误有什么价值?
  • 如果我不是对,我会是谁?我会是什么?
  • 如果我没错,...
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japanese Mar 13, 2021











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The Art of Always Being Right

 As my mom liked to tell the story … my parents were awakened one morning by howls coming from my bedroom.  My mom rushed in, only to find me on the floor.

“Anzie fell off the bed-DAH,” I announced. 

Indignant!  Righteously indignant!  With special emphasis on the second syllable of the monosyllabic word ‘bed’ … to make the point that not only was this NOT RIGHT, it was terribly WRONG .

I was two years old.

In the 3rd grade, I was sent home from school for being disrespectful to my teacher, Mrs. Griffin.  She made the mistake of announcing one day that since Senator Saltonstall lived in the same town, all our parents would vote for him in the upcoming election.  When I told my mom, she said, “Nonsense.”  (Senator Saltonstall was a Republican, and, my parents were two of the five registered Democrats who lived in the town.)  So, next day I informed Mrs. Griffin, in front of the class, that...

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5 Tips to Make Parenting Easier

family kids Mar 04, 2021

So often conclusions are reached that particular children are a particular way.  “She’s the pretty one and her brother is the athlete.”  Or, “The oldest is the smart one, the youngest is the real beauty.”  Once they are labeled a particular way, they tend to be viewed that way by so many, and they are taught to conform to those viewpoints.  The problem is no child is just one thing, and by asking them to adhere to that one label, we are telling them that there is something lacking in their makeup.  And, by asking them to be only a tiny portion of who they actually are, we are asking them to be somebody they are not.

And, for those children who don’t “fit in,” this is exacerbated.  The conclusion is reached that they need to be taught how to behave so they can learn to function as if they were “normal” and “average” and just like everyone else. The problem is that they are not normal...

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Back to the Basics … the Access Consciousness™ Foundation Class

Twelve years ago, when I took my first Foundation class, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  Traditionally trained as a child and family and play therapist, and at that point, with a relatively successful and fulfilling clinical practice of almost 20 years, I was always on the lookout for tools and tips I could pass along to my clients, to assist them in whatever path of change or healing they were choosing.

I had taken my first Bars class the day before, and, was resonating in the energy of how far outside the box of my traditional trainings that class was … and in the incredible changes my body experienced that day, (and was continuing to experience.) 

I showed up for that first Foundation class with some trepidation, a lot of curiosity, and, a willingness to take the next step.  After all, how could it get any weirder?

It shook my world.  Layers and layers of beliefs I had held dear for so long began to peel off.  We were presented...

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Crescendo of Craziness … What’s to be done?

english family Jan 04, 2021

We live in turbulent times.

Much of life as we knew it is no longer.  What was “normal” one year ago, no longer is … no matter who you are or how you were living.  Daily life has radically changed.  If you worked in an office outside your home, you probably don’t.  Most kids are home bound or on restricted school schedules.  Local lockdowns attempt to limit your ability to spend time outside your home or to have friends and extended family in your home.  Borders between many countries are shut; quarantining for 14 days is mandatory for entry to other countries. Travel has radically changed.

These days, division, exclusion, extremism, separation and righteousness seem to predominate in all forms of media.  And underlying them are fierce beliefs and the accompanying emotional charges of having the right belief and needing to be right.   Outrage and panic seem to rule at times, with self-proclaimed, and in some...

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The Choice to Be Happy

On an airplane a few months ago, I sat behind a Dad and his two young children … a boy aged 6-ish and a girl aged 4-ish. He was sitting on the aisle, grim faced. As people continued to board the plane, the boy, who was seated in between his father and his sister, spoke with his Mom. “Yes, Mom, we’re on the airplane … it hasn’t taken off yet … No Mom, the door is still open! … Ok Mom, I’ll have fun! … Mom, do you want to talk to Daddy? … (The dad stared straight ahead) … Ok Mom, bye Mom I love you too Mom.” As he handed the cell phone back to his dad, he sneaked a peak at him. Dad continued to stare ahead.

He then turned to his sister, who had been silent during the phone call. She began a blow-by-blow narrative of everything she was observing out the window. “Look at that red truck … there are the suitcases … why is that man standing there? Who are all those people? When is the plane...

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Don't Take the Bait!


“Darling … You’ve got to learn not to take the bait … They’re just doing it to get you!”

Those are the words my mom would say to me, as I ran crying to her, seeking comfort from the teasing that my brothers and father used to do periodically when I was a little girl.

I so desperately wanted to be in on their jokes, to be included in their camaraderie, to not be made fun of or laughed at … and … from my perspective, it didn’t happen … and, they were merciless.

They made fun of what I said and how I said it.

They laughed at the way I looked.

They would promise to stop … and then keep on even more.

Moments of inclusion in their worlds frequently ended with me in tears, as they would say or do something that they knew would upset me. 

And, as I lost it, they would laugh, and then grow quiet, knowing that my mom would reprimand them and demand that they “Stop it.”

“We didn’t...

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Nesedej jim na lep!

czech Aug 15, 2020

"Miláčku ... Musíš se naučit nesedat jim na lep ... dělají to jen proto, aby tě dostali!"

To jsou slova, která mi moje maminka říkávala, když jsem za ní plačky běžela a hledala útěchu, když mě moji bratři a otec pravidelně škádlili, když jsem byla malá holčička.

Zoufale jsem chtěla být součástí jejich vtipů, být součástí jejich kamarádství, nebýt ta, ze které si dělají legraci a které se smějí ... a ... z mého pohledu se to nestalo ... a oni byli nemilosrdní.

Bavili se tím, co jsem řekla a jak jsem to řekla.

Smáli se tomu, jak jsem vypadala.

Slíbili, že přestanou ... a pak pokračovali ještě více.

Okamžiky začlenění do jejich světů často končily mými slzami, protože říkali nebo dělali něco, o čem věděli, že mě tím naštvou.

A jak...

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Lo que aprendí de un caballo

spanish Jun 26, 2020

" ¿Quieres ir a montar? "

Mi amiga Alison y yo estábamos en Dublín con otros amigos, asistiendo a una clase. Había encontrado un establo a las afueras de Dublín. El sitio web mostraba vistas espectaculares, a través de los bosques, arriba en las colinas, mirando hacia abajo a la ciudad de Dublín y al océano... ¡difícil de resistir!

El día del paseo, el sol brillaba, el cielo azul suave del océano irlandés con nubes hinchadas.

Llegamos al establo y fuimos recibidos por caballos que salían de sus establos, curiosos. "Han escogido un buen día... el tiempo es hermoso", dijo el guía, saludándonos. "¡No sucede así muy a menudo!" Nos hizo rellenar los papeles (la última vez que monté fue de niña, montando un gran y gentil caballo viejo llamado Sasha, a pelo.) Ella y los peones del establo ensillaron los caballos y los llevaron al patio.


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